Terms and Conditions of sale

The customer will be deemed to accept these terms of business and conditions of sale when instructions are given by the customer to proceed.

Terms of Business

  • To place an order with us we require a 25% deposit, with the balance payable on collection or delivery or if fitted by us on completion of installation.
  • The company guarantees the product for a period of one year provided the simple maintenance instruction that are provided with the gates are followed.
  • The size and design of gates is at the discretion of the customer and the customer shall provide dimensions and a description of the site for which the gates are to be made. Manufacturing measures are taken by us before manufacturing your gates. Company design decisions may overrule other considerations but will take customers' wishes into account unless an order or drawings indicate that a specific or special arrangement is required. Whilst every effort is made in the selection of timber used, and we as a small company are very proud of our products, unfortunately we cannot accept any responsibility for small defects in timber, which occur after the products have left the workshop due to the natural movement of timber.
  • Some air cracks, shakes and splits may appear in timber gates and posts after installation (and treatment by the customer). This is normal and due to natural movement of timber and as such will not be covered by the guarantee. T&G boards can shrink and expand seasonally.